Projects A Modest Proposal

For A Modest Proposal, a UT Dallas alternative student publication, I helped redesign the print issue, designed the website (now displaced), and contributed several layouts and illustrations, particularly front pages (where I got really good at drawing Temoc). I also served as a co-editor for a year.

A Modest Proposal covers
A selection of the front pages I’ve done for A Modest Proposal.

AMP: Austin City Limits
An AMP center spread from October 2007 covering Austin City Limits — an attempt to keep things interesting despite lots of text and few images.

A Modest Proposal website
I designed this website in a week with a dozen Dr Peppers (those days are behind me now). It’s a CMS written from scratch in PHP, which was a very good learning experience, because at the time I didn’t quite know what a CMS was (those days are behind me now, too).