Grasshopper Clock

A 3D-printed regulator clock featuring a grasshopper escapement, remontoire, and bearings, inspired by the work of John Harrison. Prototype in progress.

Arduino Digital Clock

Arduino code and 3D-printed case designs for clocks made with nixie tubes and LED displays.

Planisphere Clock

A 3D-printed astronomical clock showing the Sun and stars, and local civil, solar, and sidereal time. A larger laser-etched version is in the works.

Space Clocks

A series of clocks that keep solar, sidereal, lunar, and Martian time, using Nick Sayer’s custom controller.

Wandering Hour Clock

3D-printed take on a novelty clock where the hour points to the minute, in both large and small designs.

Indoor Carillon

A set of electromechanical chimes, played via MIDI by a master clock program written in Python and running on a Raspberry Pi.

Tripod Lamp

A 3D-printed tabletop lamp to showcase an Edison bulb.

Career Work

As manager of digital platforms at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, I serve as the primary in-house web software developer on PHP/JS, specializing in integration with the Tessitura CRM. Projects include our in-house admission kiosks, internal “Ceefax” information system for our intranet and digital signage, self-service web apps for member cards and gift certificates, and more.

Formerly, as manager of creative and interactive at the Dallas Opera, I redeveloped and maintained the website and oversaw production of the majority of marketing materials in web, print, and video. I’m particularly proud of this interactive seating map for the Winspear Opera House.

Academic Work

ATEC Research

Interface design and front-end development for graduate research projects in ATEC at UT Dallas, focusing on interactive learning in the medical and military fields. [Flash] More >

The UTD Mercury

Over three years I contributed layouts, illustrations, stories, photos, and interactive for UT Dallas’ student newspaper. I also served as web editor and managing editor, during which time we won an ACP Pacemaker (2005). More >

A Modest Proposal

For this UT Dallas alternative student publication, I served as co-editor for a year, and helped redesign the print issue, built the website, and contributed layouts and illustrations (and honed my version of our mascot, Temoc the Comet). More >

ATEC Game Lab

In the UTD ATEC Game Lab, I contributed interface design, sound design, and front-end development to games including State, Power Play, Blossom, and Bloodpact. More >


My ATEC master’s thesis: an introductory Flash course with syllabus and materials, and taught as a seminar. Visit >

Like a Donut

My ATEC undergraduate thesis: a web video series, relying on fast edits and contextual hyperlinks to entice the visitor to explore. [Flash] More >

Radio UTD

For the UT Dallas student radio station, I served as systems administrator, managing the website, intranet, graphic design, and studio equipment; and produced Pianissimo, a weekly program celebrating all instruments with keyboards. More >

Black & White

A comic series that was published in my college newspapers and online. Visit >