The Collection

They don't all tell time (yet), but each one tells a story. More >

Nixie Clock

Software and 3D-printed case design for a range of Arduino-powered nixie clocks. Code >

Miata Gauges

Custom gauge faces and bezels for my NA Miata. More >

Planisphere Clock

A fully-mechanical, 3D-printed astronomical clock showing the Sun and stars, and local civil, solar, and sidereal time. More >

Indoor Carillon

A set of electromechanical chimes, played via MIDI by a Raspberry Pi/Python master clock. More >

Wandering Hour Clock

3D-printed take on a novelty clock where the hour points to the minute. More >

Solari Restoration

The Solari Dator 5, a 1960s electromechanical flip clock with perpetual calendar — and my most in-depth restoration to date. More >

Beocenter Restoration

My hifi, a 1978 Bang & Olufsen Beocenter 3500. Designed to be repaired, which is good, because this one needs it. More >

Tripod Lamp

A 3D-printed tabletop lamp to showcase an Edison bulb. Thingiverse >

Fountain Pens

It's all Neil Gaiman's fault. More >

Tale of Two Seikos

Cobbling together a working 7S26 from two broken ones. More >

Copal 707 Conversion

Adapting a Euro 24h flip clock to US mains power. More >

Apt Clock

This clock visualizes local daylight and your Google Calendar appointments for the next 24 hours. [Needs API repair!] Visit >

What Time Is It Really?

What time is it in decimal? Hex? Octal? Sidereal? Binary? Wonder no more! [Flash – needs HTML5/JS conversion!] Visit >

Academic Work

ATEC Research

Interface design and front-end development for graduate research projects in ATEC at UT Dallas, focusing on interactive learning in the medical and military fields. [Flash] More >

The UTD Mercury

Over three years I contributed layouts, illustrations, stories, photos, and interactive for UT Dallas’ student newspaper. I also served as web editor and managing editor, during which time we won an ACP Pacemaker (2005). More >

A Modest Proposal

For this UT Dallas alternative student publication, I served as co-editor for a year, and helped redesign the print issue, built the website, and contributed layouts and illustrations (and honed my version of our mascot, Temoc the Comet). More >

ATEC Game Lab

In the UTD ATEC Game Lab, I contributed interface design, sound design, and front-end development to games including State, Power Play, Blossom, and Bloodpact. More >


My ATEC master’s thesis: an introductory Flash course with syllabus and materials, and taught as a seminar. Visit >

Like a Donut

My ATEC undergraduate thesis: a web video series, relying on fast edits and contextual hyperlinks to entice the visitor to explore. [Flash] More >

Radio UTD

For the UT Dallas student radio station, I served as systems administrator, managing the website, intranet, graphic design, and studio equipment; and produced Pianissimo, a weekly program celebrating all instruments with keyboards. More >

Black & White

A comic series that was published in my college newspapers and online. Visit >