Ericsson Master Clock

Mechanical and electrical restoration and fabrication of a new dial and pendulum!

Arduino Digital Clock

Arduino code and 3D-printed case designs for clocks made with nixie tubes and LED displays.

Planisphere Clock

A 3D-printed astronomical clock showing the Sun and stars, and local civil, solar, and sidereal time. A larger laser-etched version is in the works.

Space Clocks

A series of clocks that keep solar, sidereal, lunar, and Martian time, using Nick Sayer’s custom controller.

Wandering Hour Clock

3D-printed take on a novelty clock where the hour points to the minute, in both large and small designs.

Grasshopper Clock

A 3D-printed regulator clock featuring a grasshopper escapement, remontoire, and bearings, inspired by the work of John Harrison. Prototype in progress.

Indoor Carillon

A set of electromechanical chimes, played via MIDI by a master clock program written in Python and running on a Raspberry Pi.

Tripod Lamp

A 3D-printed tabletop lamp to showcase an Edison bulb.