Projects Clocks and Watches

Here are some of the clocks and watches I’ve bought, built, or fixed.

A Tale of Two Seikos A Tale of Two Seikos. I took two broken Seiko 7T32 alarm chronographs and made one that works.

Copal 707 Copal 707. I like mechanical displays, but I also like 24-hour notation, and it’s hard to find both in a clock that will work in the States. I converted this Japanese-made, German-language 240V 50Hz clock to run on our 120V 60Hz.

Nixie clock Nixie clock kit from PV Electronics.

Braun ABK31 Homage Braun ABK31 Homage. If you can’t afford the real thing, it’s best to get a $5 clock at Walmart and make your own.

Mondaine Evo Big Date Mondaine Evo Big Dates. I swapped the Ronda 509 movements because one kept better time than the other.

Copal 229 Copal 229, “The Italian Job.” Another 24-hour Japanese flip clock for the European market (this one from Italy) converted to run in the U.S.

Westclox Chime Alarm Westclox Chime Alarm going for a good cleaning.

Britix Triple Date Britix Triple Date

Hamilton Khaki Chrono 3828 Hamilton Khaki Chrono 3828. I replaced the main hands and date dial.

Seiko Kinetic Seiko Kinetic. I “repaired” this beat-up Kinetic by buying a store demo version of the same watch, and swapping its non-functional movement with the good one from the original watch.