Projects ATEC Game Lab

In the Game Lab in ATEC at UT Dallas, small student teams take a semester to produce a working demo of a video game.


For this dystopian-future first-person Unreal puzzle game, I composed the score and designed the UI.

Score and Swells

It’s mostly acoustic piano with a boatload of tape delay.

Title Theme

[audio:|titles=Blossom Theme]



Swell: Careful

[audio:|titles=Swell: Careful]

Swell: Caught

[audio:|titles=Swell: Caught]

Swell: Curious

[audio:|titles=Swell: Curious]

Swell: Hopeful

[audio:|titles=Swell: Hopeful]

Swell: Sad

[audio:|titles=Swell: Sad]

Swell: Tragic

[audio:|titles=Swell: Tragic]

Swell: Well Done

[audio:|titles=Swell: Well Done]
UI Design

Here are a few of the notecard wireframes.


Credits (appear in 3D at regular intervals as you move down a hallway)

In-game puzzle (Scaleform surface)

Power Play

Two others and I built this prototype of a tower-defense-style game, which teaches electrical circuit design. I was the UI designer and Flash front-end developer. Play the game here!


State is a prototype of a mobile asynchronous game concept, built in UTD ATEC Game Lab in Spring 2010 by a team of four. I was responsible for the client implementation in Flash, including the UI design, and I worked with a server developer, game designer, and illustrator.

Each player designs a path through a maze, laying traps for up to three opponents; once everyone has done so, the server “runs” the maze and returns the results to the players, who can then adjust their path for better results.